Membership is voluntary and open to any public/private organization active in the power and energy industry.

The QUEST Consortium is financially supported by its industry members whose annual membership fees fund the QUEST Consortium Research Plan.

Minimum annual membership fee: $120,000

Benefits for Industry Members

  • Economy of scale
  • Solutions for grid problems
  • Workforce trainings
  • Research & Development
  • Increased talent pool
  • Insight into future technology trends
  • Access to publications and patents
  • Leveraged research funds
  • Transformation of a legacy decision-making process
  • Gain competitive advantages

Benefits for University Members

  • Long-term industry relationships
  • Support for students
  • Achieving research and teaching objectives

Become part of the solution.

QUEST Consortium members…

  • Build long-term relationships between industry and universities
  • Solve previously unsolvable problems
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Share resources and talent

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